waehl005 (P. Laoss + Federsen Remix) is ready for PRE-ORDER

P. Laoss – Rephrasing Dub (+ Federsen Remix) – waehl005 (vinyl only) is ready for PRE-ORDER via decks.de!

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After his big success with Waehlscheibe 003, P. Laoss returns on the Swiss label with another Dub House masterpiece. The German producer has once more switched on his reverb and delay gear and created a wonderful record full of fluffy chords, gentle pads and heavy basses. >Rephrasing Dub<, >I Dont Care< and >Never Thought< all display the mans musical mastery in terms of harmony, variety and dramatic expression. In his remix of >I Dont Care<, Federsen from San Francisco has taken the crispy deep original and turned it into a broken beat stunner brimming with dubby crackles, noises and delays – all created with his analogue machines. As always all tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of Dub studio.


DEEP OR NOTHING – Mixed by Harley & Muscle (2xCD – Soulstar)


Deep or Nothing / Phase 1 by Harley&Muscle (2CD), Soulstar Records (GER)

Again Waehlscheibe is featured on the new Double-Mix-CD by Harley & Muscle!
OUT NOW! Available in almost every music store!

Check the full tracklist:

Side A:

1. Mat Chiavaroli “Before I Go”
2. Ernie “Passage to Shibuya”
3. A.S. Cudia “Cadendo” (waehl004 – Waehlscheibe)
4. Bvoice & Anrilov “Id005”
5. Farfan “On The Phone” (Kid Mark remix)
6. Dcb “Keys”
7. Rick Wade “Carnality”
8. Borrowed Identitity “Feel Like Making Love”
9. Amilcare & Thomas Wood “Afterglow”
10. Roy Gilles “Imaginary Landscapes”
11. Livio Improta “Loxias” (Roy Giles Raw shit edit)
12. Jamal Moulay “Rain Shadow”
13. Saluda “Deep Cut” (Deymare remix)

Side B:

1. Dubbyman feat. Bjak “Waterfalls”
2. Jamal Moulay “Sanski Most”
3. Jeremy Glenn “Loving You”
4. Fog & Replika “After Dark” (Moodtrap remix)
5. Borrowed Identitity “Dans La Nuit”
6. Above Smoke “Tricks and Treats”
7. Harley&Muscle feat. Kenny Bobien “I Love You” (Alessandro Crimi remix)
8. Jamie Trench “In Your What”
9. Alex Danilov “I Believe”
10. Riccio “Cold Baby”
11. Anaxander “Hold Me”
12. Luciano Garofalo “Kosmos”
13. Alessandro Crimi “Gravitation” (waehl004 – Waehlscheibe)


This compilation is arranged, produced & selected by Flavio ‘Harley&Muscle’ Romaniello for H&M® Productions
Live mixed by Stefano ‘Stevie Slow’ Proietti & Flavio ‘Harley&Muscle’ Romaniello
Sound Engineering by Marco Zangirolami @ Noize Studio, Milan
Cat. n. Cls00003232
© 2014 Soulstar Records. ® All Rights Reserved.


Information to all who want to send us a demo or already did: Please send them only to info@waehlscheibe.ch – not via Soundcloud. Also please do not send us Soundcloud-Links! We only accept Download-Links! We collect all the Demos and try to listen to them monthly. So please be patient with an answer. Thank you!

Deep House Part 5 mixed by Harley & Muscle


New Mix-CD “Deep House Part 5 – mixed by Harley & Muscle” out feat. 4 tracks from WAEHLSCHEIBE-Artist P. Laoss.
Now available in your favourite store!!


After releasing their “Life Evolution” double album this april on Little Angel Records, Playing many gigs in South Beach Miami during the Winter Music Conference and working on new Soulstar singles and remixes for the upper class of real house music, Harley&Muscle even found the time to delight you with the new edition of their much acclaimed mix series. Since 14 years Harley & Muscle are doing the Deep House cds for Soulstar and here comes “Deep House Part 5”.

As expected Harley&Muscle go deeper than deep with breathtaking timeless house tracks by artists like Linus Quick feat. Mike Jones, Above Smoke, Alex Agore, P. Laoss, Zoo Look, Paskal & Urban Absolutes and many others. Also the Alessandro Crimi remix of “We Groove U” by Harley&Muscle feat. Marshall Jefferson can´t be missing.

CD 2 features more deep weapons by Kez YM, Brame, Hugo W&P HGG Giner, Duff Disco and Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn, just to name a few. All together the cd features 26 outstanding tracks from all around the world.

You know, it is hard to go deeper than Harley & Muscle, so just dive into the deepness of their sound. A timeless soundtrack for summer days and nights and also the other seasons!

CD 1
01. Linus Quick feat. Mike Jones – “Chillaxing” (Sven Weisemann’s Relaxing Dub mix)
02. Harley&Muscle feat. Marshall Jefferson – “We Groove U” (Alessandro Crimi Deep remix)
03. Above Smoke – “Burning”
04. Deymare – “You Can’t Be”
05. P.Laoss – “Clap Your Hands”
06. Brame – “Soul City”
07. Librah – “My Love Is 4ever”
08. Alex Agore – “In My Soul”
09. Andy Ash – “White Leaf” (Moody Manc remix)
10. Hugo W&P HGG Giner – “Drum Factor”
11. P. Laoss – “Profound Impressions”
12. Zoo Look – “The Sound of Someone”
13. Paskal & Urban Absolutes – “Bilk” (Henry L & Ingo Sänger remix)

CD 2
01. Kez YM – “Pebbles”
02. Deymare-  “Forgotten”
03. Zoo Look feat. Amy Lyon – “Over Me”
04. Brame – “Set You Free”
05. Above Smoke – “Right On”
06. Librah – “My Love Is 4ever” (Bonus Mix Digital version)
07. Zoo Look feat. Amy Lyon – “Over Me” (Detroit Swindle rework)
08. Hugo W&P HGG Giner – “Organic Dreams”
09. P. Laoss – “A Little Something”
10. Duff Disco – “Come Home”
11. Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn – “What is House” (Dubbyman remix
12. Deymare – “A Night Out with the Mates”
13. P. Laoss – “Let Us Jam”