waehl001 . Martin Donath – Veranda (Original + Dubbyman Remix)

For the first release the Swiss Label has chosen a timeless Deep House track from Cologne resident and Stadtgruen founder Martin Donath. >Veranda< pleases with dubby chords, shuffled hi-hats and wonderful pads. Dubbyman – Spanish Deep House pioneer and head of the fantastic label Deep Explorer Music contributes with an incredible remix here and increases the focus on the soft and moody pads. The result is pure ear candy and we cant wait to hear this tune at the beach. Two extremely strong tracks with a fantastically casual attitude and a promising beginning for Waehlscheibe. Both tracks mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of dub studio.


waehl002 . Drei Farben House – Abroad EP

On the back of the succesful start of the label with Martin Donath (incl. an amazing Dubbyman Remix), Waehlscheibe has chosen Deep House expert Drei Farben House from Berlin for release Nr002. Drei Farben House who is known for his wonderful records on Tenderpark takes us on a trip with the >Abroad EP< – a trip from north (Denmark) to south (Morocco) as well as a trip to the various sides of House music: From the Soul music inspired >Peche Melba< via the funky and optimistic, dancefloor-friendly sounds of >Facets< and >Moroccan< to the deep and dubby track >Norrebro<, there are a lot of different aspects to discover and a lot of moments of love to experience. All tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of dub studio.


waehl003 . P. Laoss – Profound Impressions EP

Dub House is definitely one of Waehlscheibes favourite sounds which is all to seldom heard on vinyl these days. So the young record label from Switzerland is delighted to have Dub House maestro P. Laoss (Pronounce/Future Reactions Recordings) contribute four brilliant tracks to the new EP. If you are into heavenly chords with masterful delays, soft pads, deep basses and sweet vocals you are going to love this record. Classic and modern at the same time, the Profound Impressions EP radiates timeless beauty in high quality. All tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of dub studio.


waehl004 . Various Artists – Diagonal EP

Waehlscheibe stays true to its Dub House approach last heard on waehl 003 with P.Laoss: The Swiss label has compiled four wonderfully relaxed and dubby tracks by various artists for release 004 – again vinyl only! Alessandro Crimi starts the record off with his incredibly deep >Gravitation< which revolves around an ultra warm and morphing pad. S&ros >Drunken Hats< is just as funky as its dubby and perfectly fits the labels philosophy – just like A.S Cudias >Cadendo< which relies on super sweet rhodes and pianos to form a deep and melodic House song – two fantastic tunes. Baldo from Spain finishes the EP with his smooth oldschool House track >Deep & Down< which delights with tons of machine Funk. Waehlscheibe continues to amaze with these four musical gems that underline the labels talent to assemble brilliant musicians and compile wonderfully deep records. Once more all tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of dub studio.


waehl005 . P. Laoss – Rephrasing Dub (+ Federsen Remix)

After his big success with Waehlscheibe 003, P. Laoss returns on the Swiss label with another Dub House masterpiece. The German producer has once more switched on his reverb and delay gear and created a wonderful record full of fluffy chords, gentle pads and heavy basses. >Rephrasing Dub<, >I Dont Care< and >Never Though< all display the mans musical mastery in terms of harmony, variety and dramatic expression. In his remix of >I Dont Care<, Federsen from San Francisco has taken the crispy deep original and turned it into a broken beat stunner brimming with dubby crackles, noises and delays – all created with his analogue machines. As always all tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of Dub studio.


waehl006 . Takuya Morita – Placid Sunset EP (+ Waehlscheibe Reconstruction)

Waehlscheibe is back: The Swiss label keeps on doing what it does best and releases another truly deep and dubby House record. This time its Japanese artist Takuya Morita known for his releases on Morris / Audio and Adjunct who pleases with soft pads and chords, rich delays and ultra low basses. All four tracks on this record are strictly instrumental and oscillate nicely between deep House and Techno. Moreover, they cover a wide range of moods suitable for playing at various times of the night. The >Placid Sunset EP< comes with a special 2nd version of the title track which has been reconstructed and stripped down by S&Ro and Alessandro Crimi from Waehlscheibe. As always all tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of Dub studio.


waehl007 . Marco Nega – Cosy Cuts EP

On Waehlscheibe we stand: The Swiss label drops yet another Dub House bomb with Marco Nega s Cosy Cutz EP : Muse on the a-side is a 15 minutes long Dub Epos full of creamy chords, soft pads and smooth athmospheres. Holotrope on the b-side speeds up the pace and pleases with a solid kick and a super deep bass without losing sight of the dubby chords. Finally, In Your Arms fnishes of the wonderful EP with an ultra low bass for all you Dub heads and some more of Marco s trademark chords and delay -game he plays so well. All in all, Cosy Cutz EP makes for a terrifc listening experience which is further aided by the expert mastering: as always all tracks on the new Waehlscheibe record have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of Dub studio.


waehl008 . Mark Thibideau – Re-Purpose / Re-Structure

After Marco Nega’s brilliant last EP we present you the next Release on Waehlscheibe.
2 techno/minimal/dub banger from the canadian Mark Thibideau, well known for his releases on Sub Static, Third Ear or his own label Obsolete Components.
180g Vinyl only. Mastered by Above Smoke.

Support by:
Janeret, Roger Gerressen, Nick Lawson, Bu$$ & many more




waehldigi001 . Various Artists – Waehlscheibe Digital Compilation #1

A world premiere: Swiss record label Waehlscheibe ventures into new territories with its first big label compilation – this time not on vinyl but in digital format. Over the years many music lovers have asked the guys at Waehlscheibe if their music was available digitally. The ‘Waehlscheibe Digital Compilation #1’ is the label’s answer to all those requests. Music-wise it’s a big journey from deep & dubby Techno via soulful House to beatless Dub displaying all the facets that Waehlscheibe have been representing with their releases so far.

As with every release all tracks have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of the Dub studio.

01 H0301 – Window Seat
02 BDTom – Wednesday
03 Federsen – Pressures
04 Marco Nega – Like It Ends
05 Audub – Resonance
06 Takuya Morita – Nymphaeales
07 Micha Klang – The Last Fall
08 S&Ro – Aight
09 Martin Donath – The Hidden Structure
10 A.S. Cudia – Need
11 Amilcare – Safe Haven
12 Da Lex DJ – Dig This
13 Drei Farben House – Seconds To Years
14 Alessandro Crimi & A.S. Cudia – Dreaminess

Buy (wav, flac, mp3):



waehldigi002 . Subset – Unmanned

4 timeless dub techno/house tracks by the very talented New Zealand artist Subset.

Mastered by Above Smoke.

Buy (wav, flac, mp3):


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